Why Shop Handmade

  • your purchase is made with love, care, and thought

  • your purchase is unique

  • your purchase is personal

  • your purchase is well made and high quality

  • you are supporting an artist

  • you are building a community

  • you are shopping like your great great grandmother used to

  • you are supporting local rather than big business

  • you can avoid the mall

  • a lot of makers are upcycling – creating goods using recycled materials (which is great because there is too much stuff in the world already)

  • no one will give the same gift as you

  • it's fun to see the creativity and excellence of the very talented makers out there

  • you are supporting the many amazing people out there who are trying to get started with their businesses

  • it’s great for the economy and the environment

  • you are helping sustain people who are fulfilling their dreams

Supporting independent makers and artists by buying and gifting handmade is, at heart, a loving act. Supporting each other is the most rewarding gift we can give each other.